The Skuza’s
3691 Route 82
Millbrook,  New York 12545


Locust Hill Market is a farm market in Millbrook, New York featuring farm fresh fruits, vegetables and meats including our Locust Hill grass-fed beef. We are excited to welcome you to our farm and store for HVFFA Fall Farm Day.  If you are lucky, you might be able to get a farm tour from resident expert and farmer in the making, Henry Skuza, as he walks you around our whole operation, from goats to cows to our humongous pig, Sarah.  Stop by to test your knowledge and dectective abilities with our Farm Scavenger Hunt and hayrides through the cow fields (happening on the top of the hour).

Located on the same farm as Hoofprint Cheese Company, we will be stocked with farm fresh produce, meats, goat cheeses and other local products as well as all of your fall plant needs.  We will also be hosting to other local businesses, committed to supporting the local community we love. 

In addition to all of the learning opportunities, we will be welcoming Millbrook Deli to our farm, where they will be offering a farm lunch menu.